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Want to see your work published on POLISH OPERA NOW?
All Polish opera singers together with directors regardless of nationality, are invited to contribute to POLISH OPERA NOW creative platform. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

What is a POLISH OPERA NOW film?
A short film created by a duo composed of a stage director of any nationality and a Polish opera singer. They can work on a single video, or on a series of episodes. The singer can also perform in several films staged by different directors, or vice versa. Please note that the films should not be already available online.

Technical specification of a POLISH OPERA NOW film
Not shorter that 30 seconds and not longer that 20 minutes, 16:9 full HD (1920 x 1080), landscape format.

Who is a Special Guest?
Any artist from the classical music field, regardless of nationality, who, together with a director, wants to contribute to POLISH OPERA NOW creative platform by submitting a film proposal.

How to submit your proposal?
Please send a summary of your idea and a short description of the film you want to work on to: We will let you know if your idea is what we are looking for!

Do we pay a fee?
We don’t offer a fee for content.

Get involved and join POLISH OPERA NOW!

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POLISH OPERA NOW is a nonprofit creative platform for artistic collaboration in the classical music field.

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